Dragon Swallowtail (Sericinus Montela) SOLD

Dragon Swallowtail (Sericinus Montela) – One of only four remaining butterfly sculptures from a collection of 32, this translucent white creature had a black body and markings with a splash of red and blue on the base of her tail. Once these have flown to join their compatriots settled all around the globe, the editions will be archived. NOW SOLD Butterflies and moths can be supplied with a glass dome with a mirrored base for an extra £200 GBP

The ‘Life Study,’ sculptures are unique and will not be repeated. With many species of butterfly and moth teetering on the brink of existence in our ever-decreasing world, I create only one of each species or sub-species, their uniqueness and fragility accentuating the real threat of extinction these glorious creatures face due to human activity.

Each study specimen is painstakingly recreated to emulate its natural counterpart. The wings are created by fusing glass in several stages and the bodies are cast in glass using the lost wax process and pate de Verre techniques. The breastplate, legs, antennae, and proboscis are fashioned from sterling silver to create anatomical detail.

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 8 × 24 × 25 cm


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