Alexandra – one of The Divas Collection.
Weights: Decanter-1808g Stopper-1298g Stopper Stand-1498g Height 39cm including stopper
The largest and most elaborately cast crown of all the Rose Couture decanters. Alexandra’s magnificent bouquet is made up of over thirty of the palest pink roses. A unique and exclusive collection of decanters, topped with cast glass rose bouquets. The spectacular Diva bonnets can incorporate a dozen or so blooms and feature an impressive posy of roses to rest their ‘hats’.

‘Rose Couture’ revisits the glamour, individuality, and chic sophistication of the Art Deco period with her troupe of exquisite wine and spirit decanters.

Masterfully blown by Elliot Walker, the Chorus, Principal, and Diva decanters are crowned with Laura Hart’s cast glass rose bonnets. The elegant Chorus girls wear a single rose; the sinuously graceful Principals wear posies of three to five flowers whilst the spectacular Diva bouquets can incorporate a dozen or more blooms.

Attending each lady is a ‘Hat stand’; a cradle of cast roses into which their bonnets can safely rest, creating a stunning table centre whilst the decanter is in use, or as a complementary candle sconce.

Every decanter is named, signed by the artist, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Additional information

Weight 3.927 kg
Dimensions 34 × 18 × 20 cm


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