butterflies & moths

My fascination with nature’s unrivalled artistry and diversity is equally limitless, inspiring me to create my glass butterfly sculptures. Each specimen is painstakingly recreated to emulate its natural counterpart. 


Inspired by the beauty and ingenuity of this unparalleled plant species, I endeavour to recreate these incredible flowers as faithfully and authentically as possible, whilst imbuing them with my own artistic interpretation. 

limited edition glassware

Laura’s glass designs are unique; no two pieces are ever identical. And with the terrific range of colours available from Bullseye Glass, the variety of design options are almost limitless.

commissioned pieces

To commission a work of art glass sculpture from Laura’s flower and Lepidoptera collections, or a bespoke work of decorative functional glass art, telephone or e-mail Laura to discuss your requirements.

Contact laura

If you would like more information about any of the artworks please submit your details and I will contact you within a few days.

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