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I’d seen Laura’s amazing glass flowers at exhibitions and as I’d always wanted to try glass making, I was really pleased she did classes. The three days I and my friend spent with her were just fabulous. Laura is incredibly patient and encouraging and her studio is really well equipped so we were able to try out lots of techniques and made some lovely pieces to take home. The time just flew by and now I’ve really got the glass art bug!


Phalaenopsis Apaloosa

some work from a previous course

Glass Fusing and Kiln Forming Courses

Whet your appetite for the art of glass fusing with a taster day. Let your creativity flourish and learn the essentials of fused glass making in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Or step up a notch with a two day course, discovering how to combine glass fusing techniques and heat to achieve depth and texture. Using sheet glasses, frits and powders, create two fused glass masterpieces.

All you need to bring to either of these courses is a sandwich for lunch and a mind brimming with ideas!

What people are saying about my courses

Nicola Hunter

We spent 3 brilliant days learning how to cut, grind, colour and fuse glass and made glass pendants and birds for a chandelier. Laura is an excellent teacher, very hands off allowing you to experiment but with advice at key points to ensure you get the result you are looking for. I can’t wait for September to do my next project.

Lucy Allen

Laura is great. We spent 3 days with her at her studio. We turned up with no experience of glass fusing or in fact any glass work at all, Laura showed us the ropes and helped us to create all the components for a chandelier. It was great fun and Laura was very patient and knowledgeable. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Thanks Laura!

Jenna Bryenton

An absolute novice! I spent two days with Laura and found it to be a fantastic experience. Her knowledge and enthusiasm was exhilarating and if you are considering this – just go for it.
I would rate this course as one of the best I have attended. Huge thanks x

Frank Martin

I was given this 2 day course as a present and it has turned out to be the best I’ve ever had. I have a small kiln and have tried glass fusing with not much success . I have worked as a glazier and lead light maker for the last 40 years but she taught me things about glass I had not known before. Laura was a very good teacher and a good host. I would recommend her to anyone even those who have never worked glass before.

Carole Pollock

Great 3 days spent with Laura; Laura is a fab friendly, informative, helpful and encouraging tutor. A incredibly well stored workshop or an Aladdin’s Cave may be a better description. I learned the basics of glass fusing, made some great pieces of fused glass, had lots interesting conversations, a few laughs and Laura’s enthusiasm and guidance has ensured I will definitely take up this craft!
Many thanks to a talented lady.

Marilyn Rydstrom

Two days spent with Laura gave this complete novice an understanding of what is involved in glass fusion work. Perhaps more importantly, it gave me an appreciation of just how complex this art form is, and can be – especially when you look as some of Laura’s own creations. She is a thorough, observant and patient teacher and I would recommend her course to anyone interested in working with glass. You will learn, and create, a lot!

Events and Exhibitions

Delighted and honoured to have two of my Rose Couture vessels, Elizabeth and Sophia, selected by The Flow Magazine 2024 Women in Glass Art feature.

Women in Glass Art

Feature 2024


Malayan Orchid Review


So very honoured indeed to have a fabulous four page article featured in the Malayan Orchid Review, chronicling my journey with both glorious, exquisite orchids and my passion for glass art.

The Royal Academy, London

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023

Orchis Exotica, Phalaenopsis ‘Violet’


I am absolutely thrilled to have Orchis Exotica Phalaenopsis ‘Violet’ selected for the 2023 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, beginning June 13th until August 20th.

I’ve been making orchids in glass for 12 years now and to have one of them exhibited in this iconic exhibition is a tremendous confidence booster. The Orchis Exotica sculptures have a very special significance for me as I began making the master moulds just after I came out of hospital from my transplant. My hands shook so badly from the anti-rejection drugs, it took weeks to do what would have normally taken days, but the drive to get back to creating art in glass was all-consuming after many months in hospital.

The sculptures have had several outings since their debut at Collect 2020 with Vessel. Selected for the National Glass Award exhibition in October 2021 and the British Glass Biennale 2022, with Cattleya striking Pink currently exhibiting with Blowfish Glass Gallery at the Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge.

Still dancing!

Elizabeth – one of the Rose Couture decanters.

Isle of Wight Glass Museum

I am delighted to have been invited to demonstrate the making of the Rose Couture wax maquettes at the Isle of Wight Glass Museum. The event begins at 11 am on the 25th of September 2022.

I shall be taking several orchids, three of the Orchis Exotica sculptures and, of course, the Rose Couture decanters.

Black Knight

2022 British Glass Biennale

Absolutely thrilled to have Orchis Exotica Appaloosa and Black Knight selected for the 2022 British Glass Biennale held at the Ruskin Glass Centre, Stourbridge from the 26th of August until the 1st of October 2022.

New Glass Cover

So pleased to have Orchis Exotica ‘Phalaenopsis Violet’ featured on the front cover of New Glass, Art & Architecture magazine as part of the first European glass prize at The National Glass Centre Sunderland UK.

NGC Glass Prize

I am absolutely bowled over to be one of the selected artists to have my work judged for the National Glass Centre Prize.

The selectee list is breathtaking, so I am brimming!

I shall be installing Orchis Exotica, Phalaenopsis ‘Violet’ ready for the exhibition at the NGC, Sunderland which opens on 16 October 2021 and will run until 13 March 2022

Crafting a Difference at SoShiro, a wonderful
Georgian townhouse in the heart of Marylebone

I am delighted to be showing three of my glass orchids at Crafting a Difference exhibition curated by Brian Kennedy
showing artworks by over seventy artists
represented by five London-based contemporary craft galleries.

Available to view online soon with appointments to visit once government guidelines allow.
Follow @craftingadifference on Instagram to get the latest news.

The best way to view the virtual exhibition is through www.craftingadifference.com


Miltonia Spectibilis

Lindenii Marigold

Illuminated Glass Orchids Celebrate the Exotic Flower’s Delicate Strength


With over 28,000 known species, the orchid is one of the largest flowering plant families on our planet. The elegant flower comes in various shapes, colors, and sizes, making them one of the most visually fascinating flowers in the world. With so much variety, it’s no surprise that their beauty has inspired the work of British artist Laura Hart. She’s crafted a collection of glowing orchid sculptures made from glass, titled ‘Orchis Exotica’.


Wow! Thank you This is Colossal for another lovely article on my work; this time ‘Orchis Exotica’, my Neon lit orchid sculptures.

Absolutely delighted; a real morale booster!


Thank you My Modern Met for a fabulous article on my fused and pate de verre cast rare and endangered butterfly collections.

Lovely! …very much appreciated!

'orchis exotica'

Making their debut at Collect 2020, my Orchis Exotica sculptures pay homage to Darwin’s silent conviction.

The bi-coloured neon centres illuminate the uncanny resemblance between orchid and human reproductive organs; a parallel unlikely missed by the great man himself.

From 27th February – 1st March 2020 at Somerset House, London.

Laura at Collect 2020

Phalaenopsis Exotica ‘Appaloosa’ (main pic left)

Saatchi Gallery, Kings Road, London – February 22nd – 25th 2018

floralia 2018

My latest ‘Floralia’ anthology of glass orchids was exhibited at the prestigious Crafts Council art fair, Collect, this February. The installation of twenty flowers includes several new species alongside the most collected favourites.

The astonishing mimicry orchids employ to attract specific pollinators provided essential evidence for Charles Darwin’s, ‘adapt and survive’, theory of evolution. Manacled by religious dogma of his time, he risked a charge of heresy had he cited another organism equally successful in achieving global population through adaptability. Though there is very little anecdotal record of his personal resolve that humans were the ultimate example of his revelatory theory, there can be no doubt he believed it to be so.

Making their debut at Collect 2020, my Orchis Exotica sculptures pay homage to Darwin’s silent conviction.

The bi-coloured neon centres illuminate the uncanny resemblance between orchid and human reproductive organs; a parallel unlikely missed by the great man himself.

Messe Basel, Switzerland 21st – 24th September

tresor 2012 comtemporary craft

This is the very first Tresor contemporary craft fair at Messe Basel and I am privileged to have a Floralia collection on exhibition.

Over the moon to announce that the entire Floralia installation and the Apollo butterfly sold at Tresor; a fabulous result for the first time out of this stunning event!

White House Cone Museum, Vine Street, Stourbridge August 25th – 28th

International Festival of Glass

I am delighted to have three of my butterflies; the Periander Metalmark, Sylphina Angel and Birdwing Meridionalis on exhibition with Bruntnell Astley Gallery during the International Festival of Glass.

Etienne Gallery 2nd – 30th April 2017 De Lind 38, 5061 HX Oisterwijk Netherlands

Contemporary Glass Society 20th Anniversary show

Absolutely delighted to have had three of my Lepidoptera selected for exhibition in the Contemporary Glass Societies 20th Anniversary exhibition at the fabulous Etienne Gallery in the Netherlands.

I shall be taking the ferry over there to deliver Attacus Atlas, Spanish Moon moth and the Lesser Purple Emperor butterfly. Looking forward to visiting the Etienne and seeing a little of the Netherlands during my visit.

Deco showcase at Landmark Offices 125 Old Broad Street London, EC2N 1AR

Courtesy of Landmark PLC, eleven of my Deco works are showcased in the boardroom at the Old Broad Street building. Great to see a large body of my work in the perfect location!

2nd – 6th February 2017 at the Saachi Gallery, Kings Road London

Collect Ground Floor Stand 2.3

‘Floralia’ at 2017 Collect, the International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects. During an extended run of five days, the Crafts Council presents an unrivaled opportunity to see and buy contemporary museum-quality ceramics, glass, jewelry, wood, metal, and textiles from established and emerging artists and makers represented by over 30 of the world’s finest galleries.

Moonstruck - from the penumbra triptych

‘Halo & Picasso’ Bold Statements in Colour Stand C- H17

We will be at the prestigious CRAFT event, Top Drawer, this January for the first time, exhibiting the ‘Halo & Picasso’ works; Bold Statements in Colour. All the pieces will be unique or limited edition works of functional art; bowls, salvers and dishes to create a splash of bold colour and form for the home or office environment. Come visit us on stand 17 in the Craft hall at London’s famous Olympia exhibition centre.

11th – 13th September The Old Truman Brewery, 85 Brick Lane E1 6QL

British Craft Trade Fair – London 2016

In collaboration with metal sculptor, John Daly, we are debuting an entirely new body of work based on the ‘Optical Geometry’ concept, including three sizeable wall sculptures and a freestanding piece. These new works homage the Deco period with their striking colour combinations and hand crafted precision stainless steel and glass art design. The new collection will include three large-scale wall sculptures, with a complementary range of bowls, platters and dishes. The centre piece of the stand will feature a stunning steel and glass sculpture, ‘Morning Glory’.

Financial Times ‘How to Spend it’ Magazine July 2nd 2016

A lovely article on insects used in interior design, written by Nicole Swengley, entitled ‘Insects Appeal’ included an image of my Kaiser I Hind butterfly and editorial on the Lepidoptera collection.

Lovely press, thank you FT!

June 11th – 10th July 2016 at The White House Cone Glass Museum, Stourbridge

Bruntnell Astley presents ‘The Heat Is On’

Attacus Atlas will be on exhibition amongst illustrious company at the very first exhibition of contemporary glass hosted by Bruntnell Astley in the brand new White House Cone Glass Museum in Stourbridge. Allister Malcolm will be demonstrating in the hot shop on June 11th and some of the best glassmakers in the country can be seen in action at what promises to be a fabulous event and exhibition. The new museum space is absolutely stunning; long awaited by the glass fraternity and a real must see for glass lovers and collectors this summer.

Gold award for Glass, Craft & Design Magazine

Absolutely delighted to have been awarded gold in the glass category for the 2016 Craft & Design magazine’s Selected Maker awards. I was chuffed to have got into the finalists, but when Angie Boyer told me I’d been awarded gold, I was astounded and pleased as punch! Thanks to all who voted for me and to the judge, Terry Brett of Pyramid Gallery York.

There will be an exhibition of all the finalists’ work at the Pyramid Gallery exhibition, ‘GLASS 2016’ opening on May 21st. I shall have three pieces there, so if you’re in the beautiful city of York in the next few weeks, be sure to visit.

Financial Times, How to Spend It Magazine Superior Interiors. 16th April 2016

Absolutely fabulous press in the 16th April 2016 edition of the FT’s How to Spend It weekend magazine, ‘Superior Interiors’. Lovely article titled, ‘Displays of Reflection’ by Lucia van der Post.

British Craft Trade Fair Harrogate 2016

Had a great three days in beautiful Harrogate at the British Craft Trade Fair 2016. Met some lovely people and caught up with friends made last year. Booked up for the BCTF London fair at The Old Truman Brewery on the 11th – 13th September 2016. Will be launching new sculptural collection; Hart & Daly collaboration . . . watch this space!

Glass Life Forms 2016 USA

Over the moon (moth!) to have had my Spanish Moon Moth selected for the live show of Glass Life Forms beginning February 5th 2016 at the Hodge gallery, Pittsburgh Glass Centre. From there the exhibition moves on May 20th to the Corning Museum of glass in New York at the Cedar Arts Centre and continues on for the Glass Art Society conference in June until the 22nd of the month. There may well be further venues after that . . . will keep this page updated!


Decorex 2015

Once again, Vessel Gallery included my work in their fabulous stand at Decorex International 2015.
This year a collection of nine orchids and three of the new Lepidoptera collection.

Art in Action 2015

Had a wonderful time at Art in Action 2015. What a fabulous event! One of the poppies I donated to the RBL
was raffled and made £906 for the poppy appeal, so that was marvelous. My new poppies on stems went down a storm…and I shall be making more!

Sculpt Gallery – Patterns & Patinas 6th Dec 2014 – 31st Jan 2015

From 6th December 2014 to the 31st of Jan 2015, some of the ‘Picasso’ collection will go on exhibit and sale
at Colchester’s Sculpt Gallery. A lovely gallery space set in the heart of rural Essex.

Ripples – Glass inspired nature Pyramid Gallery, York 14th March – 5th May 2015

Three of my flowers are at the fabulous Pyramid Gallery in York; selected for the prestigious Contemporary Glass Society’s ‘Ripples’ – glass inspired by nature exhibition.
14th March – 5th May 2015

British Craft Trade Fair 2015

First time at the BCTF. Had a great show, met some lovely people and received some very positive interest from new galleries keen to exhibit
the flower and Picasso collections. Looking forward to next year. Pictured with me, Colin from the amazing Karen Fawcett Studios stand opposite – never a dull moment!


Decorex 2014

‘Floralia’ at Decorex 2014 , 21st – 24th September. The display received a stupendous response
from visitors to the show; couldn’t be better pleased.

Financial Times Weekend Magazine – Superior Interiors (April 12th 2014)

Was very honoured to have one of my Picasso collection – the original ‘Picasso’ Bowl (Origami) featured in the Financial Times ‘How to spend it’ magazine. Such was the fabulous response to the article, Origami sold out and I’ve been making like a mad thing ever since! Wish I had press like this every week…


International Design Awards Ceremony Dorchester Hotel 29th November 2013

In association with the SBDI International Design Awards 2013, Vessel Gallery commissioned Laura to create a unique Pansy Orchid Sculpture to grace one of the tables at the SBID awards ceremony and celebration held at the Dorchester Hotel in November 2013.

Orchid Mirror ‘Fuschia Appaloosa’

Commission piece measuring 1200mm in diameter with three ‘Fuschia Appaloosa’ phalaenopsis orchid mounted stems. Subtle backlighting creates a warm glow through the orchids, bringing their finely detailed petals to life in vibrant colour. The stems can be electroplated as desired; nickel/chrome, bronze, copper or brass. By special commission, every mirror will be unique and created according to the collector’s choice of orchid design and variety.

Solo Exhibition at Vessel Gallery, London

From the 7th of March to the 6th of April 2013, the full collections of Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Lilies and Poppies will be on exhibition at London’s fabulous Vessel Gallery in Notting Hill.

Antiques Trade Gazette September 2013

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