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My route to glass art has been a fascinating and convoluted path along many creative pursuits. Beginning with crayons on the bedroom walls as an incorrigible infant, graduating to watercolours or oils on canvas at around twelve, treading the boards at seventeen, video production in my twenties and thirties, heritage building renovation, 3D animation and design in my forties, and, at last, the glorious world of glass in my fifties.

One might think I’ve been a tad indecisive, but whilst sampling the spices of life, the accumulation of seemingly unrelated skills has turned out to be invaluable now that I have finally found my true vocation. I’ve always loved and collected glass; I was brought up only a spit from Stourbridge where I have fond memories of watching the blowers at work as a child.

Thirty years later, I was unexpectedly brought back to glass when tasked with designing a sculpture in steel and glass for a concept artist. I needed to better understand the glass making process in order to achieve the design, so observed some wonderfully talented glass artists at work. I was utterly captivated and there the obsession began.

Fourteen years on and I have combined my fascination for glass art with an ever-expanding collection of exotic and exquisite orchid species. Always moving forward with my glass exploration, latterly, I’ve incorporated my love of roses in cast glass bouquets to crown my Rose Couture vessels.

I still enjoy dabbling with diversity and indulging a myriad of ideas and styles – fulfils the nomadic disposition – but most importantly, a half century on this planet has determined the focal point of my real passion; the artistic representation of some the most fundamental, beautiful and threatened organisms on Earth.

Pair of critically endangered, Palos Verdes Butterflies. Private commission.

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