NEW Glass Fusing and Kiln Forming Courses

Whet your appetite for the art of glass fusing with a taster day. Let your creativity flourish and learn the essentials of fused glass making in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Or step up a notch with a two day course, discovering how to combine glass fusing techniques and heat to achieve depth and texture. Using sheet glasses, frits and powders, create two fused glass masterpieces.

All you need to bring to either of these courses is a sandwich for lunch and a mind brimming with ideas!


Laura Hart’s new body of work, ‘Rose Couture’ revisits the glamour, individuality, and chic sophistication of the Art Deco period with her troupe of exquisite vessels.

Masterfully blown by Elliot Walker, the Chorus, Principal, and Divas are crowned with Laura Hart’s cast glass rose bonnets. The elegant Chorus girls wear a single rose; the sinuously graceful Principals wear posies of three to five flowers whilst the spectacular Diva bouquets can incorporate a dozen or more blooms.

Attending each lady is a ‘Hat stand’; a cradle of cast roses into which their bonnets can safely rest, creating a stunning table centre whilst the vessel is in use, or as a complementary candle sconce.

Full Colour Brochure

Download a PDF of my latest brochure with all my new creations and details of prices and availability.


Orchids, the most exotic and enchanting of all flowering plants. Immortalised in glass, each of these exquisite orchid flowers are created unique. I make subtle changes to every orchid species, using a myriad of coloured glass powders, frits and fine glass strands.

commissioned pieces

To commission a unique glass art sculpture from Laura’s exquisite orchid collections, Rose Couture vessels, or a bespoke glass artwork made to your specifications, telephone or email Laura to discuss your requirements.

butterflies & moths

My fascination with nature’s unrivalled artistry and diversity is equally limitless, inspiring me to create my glass butterfly sculptures. Each specimen is painstakingly recreated to emulate its natural counterpart. 

Evening Star


Artists, like actors, often find themselves type cast by the work they become known for. Whilst recognition for a body of original art is tremendously uplifting, it can often force you along a path that, ultimately, creates its own limitations. Having spent my life indulging the various spices life has to offer, I sate my desire for diversity with an entirely contrasting approach; the chic and so, so sophisticated style of Art Deco. In contrast to the natural, Nouveau-esque forms of my sculpture, the necessary glass cutting precision and mathematical accuracy the Deco works demand, enables the perfect mental and creative balance; essential to maintaining a consistent and inspired approach to all my work.

“My route to glass art has been a fascinating and convoluted path along many creative pursuits.

I’ve always loved and collected glass; I was brought up only a spit from Stourbridge where I have fond memories of watching the blowers at work as a child.

I have combined my fascination for glass art with an ever-expanding collection of exotic and exquisite orchid species. Always moving forward with my glass exploration, latterly, I’ve incorporated my love of roses in cast glass bouquets to crown my Rose Couture vessels”.

Laura Hart

Read more about my eclectic journey

orchis exotica

Much larger scale exquisite glass orchids with neon centres; created as a tribute to Charles Darwin’s love of all orchid species. There are six orchid sculptures in the series, created from finely cut glass components, powders, frits and hair-fine glass strands.

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If you would like more information about any of the artworks, or would like to discuss commissioning something special, please submit your details and I will contact you within a few days.

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