Trumpet Blowing (Nothing whatsoever to do with Donald!)

Show season has begun with verve and many of us are tearing about the country with overstuffed vehicles from one stand build to the next. I’ve just returned from Top Drawer at Olympia, unloaded my poor overworked little van and am ploughing through the follow up mail and calls – the bit all we self deprecating arty types hate with a passion! However, for the really tough job, up front and centre on the stand, I have a secret weapon: her name is Amanda; a devoted protagonist and promoter of my work. Quite frankly, I don’t know what I’d do without her. She can say and do what I simply cannot; wax lyrical. And this is a problematical Catch 22 that affects all artists and craftsmen representing themselves; how do you blow your own trumpet, without actually sounding as though you’re blowing your own trumpet? Of course we’re proud of our work, it wouldn’t be on the stand if we weren’t; it would be languishing in the studio ‘sin bin’. But there’s a huge difference between pride and hubris when it comes to self-promotion and too much or too little of either can be disastrous. The hard truth of it […]
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