Beautiful Butterflies & Magnificent Moths

I am most certainly not the first glass artist to immortalise the beauty of butterflies and magnificence of moths in glass; these are creatures that have captivated the imagination and fascination of artists from all disciplines for centuries. Deeply motivated by the risk of extinction many species face as a direct result of human activity, my Lepidoptera sculptures are intended as a celebration of their beauty and a physical embodiment of threatened fragility, culminating in an artistic, yet accurate likeness of living creatures. I make only one of each species or sub-species; accentuating the vulnerability of their existence in the medium of glass. I set myself a tidy task in the pursuit of creating larger than life scale sculptures; on average around 2 – 3 times larger than the living counterpart depending on the species. The logistical issues of weight, balance and faithful detailing demand a variety of creation techniques. The wings need to replicate wafer thin fragility and in many cases the photonic properties of butterfly wings. All Lepidoptera have different body and thorax sizes, shapes and textures; moth bodies are particularly ‘hairy’, so I model several body shapes in clay and make silicone moulds for waxes. Placing the […]
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