Emulating the delicacy and ethereal translucency of the orchid flower, Laura recreates the living structure as it forms in nature. Backlighting reveals every gossamer detail through the petal layers in a diffused spectral glow. Each delicate orchid is hand cut, cold-worked and kiln-formed from wafer thin layers with hair-fine, flame-worked strands of glass meticulously laid in place to create subtle veining. The flower undergoes two to three separate firings and interstitial cold-working before the final slump. The finishes glass orchid is then finely sandblasted and sealed to recreate the natural satin soft sheen.

Dimensions: 250mm (10 inches) diameter by 60mm (2.5 inches) deep.

Price: £995 + shipping.

Every glass orchid is unique and accompanied by a certificate of provenance. Please allow at least one month for delivery.