Stargazer Lily

Diameter 40cm Depth 6cm


Inspired by the vibrant diversity of colour and form flowers have evolved to attract pollinators, Laura developed her unique glass flower sculptures by combining a number of traditional glass making techniques. Determined to emulate the delicacy and ethereal translucency of flower petals, Laura recreates the living structure as it forms in nature. Backlighting reveals every gossamer detail through the fine glass petal layers in a diffused spectral glow.

Each delicate glass bloom is hand cut, cold-worked and kiln-formed from wafer thin layers of glass with hair-fine, flame-worked glass strands, glass frits and powders meticulously lain in place to create subtle veining and shading. The flowers undergo four to six separate firings and interstitial cold-working before the final kiln forming. The finished glass flower is then finely sandblasted and sealed to recreate the satin soft sheen of flower petals.

Prices from £995 – £1,295

Glass flowers are available to commission. Every bloom is unique and accompanied by a

Certificate of authenticity.