Wallace’s Golden Birdwing (ornithoptera Croesus)

H. 8cm W. 24cm L. 22cm

Laura’s love of all flora and fauna naturally progresses with her new glass butterfly collections. The meticulous detailing in the Lepidoptera series is driven by the desire to represent endangered and rare butterflies as vibrant living creatures; beautiful, precious and delicate. Laura creates only one of each species or sub-species, their uniqueness and fragility accentuating the real threat of extinction these glorious creatures face due to human activity.

This beautiful butterfly is a native of Australia and Indonesia and as is the case with so many of these exquisite creatures, the Golden Birdwing is on the IUCN Red List of threatened species. The natural wingspan of the females is about 17-20cm and this unique glass representation is only slightly larger than life.

Each specimen is painstakingly recreated to emulate its natural counterpart. The wings are created by fusing glass in several stages and the bodies are cast in glass using the lost wax process and pate de verre techniques. The legs, antennae and proboscis are created in sterling silver to create anatomical detail. Prices from £2,250 including display case. Glass butterflies are available to commission as individual works or collections. Please note;

Once a species or sub-species has been created there will be NO REPEATS available.

Each unique glass butterfly or moth is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.