In contrast to the naturalistic symmetry of her flower collections, Laura’s unique Optical Geometry works are vibrant and contemporary. For decorative and functional art glass, the range of salvers, dishes and tableware are designed to work with natural or artificial light to achieve a kaleidoscope of refracted colour and optical illusion.

Architectural tile and wall panels commissioned to bespoke specifications for that unique touch to kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. Serene or vibrant art glass installations perfect for the home or office environment.

The Organic Geometry pieces unite colour and texture in vivacious curves. Delicious tableware, ethereal candle glows and rich wall panels exude sumptuous colour and warmth.

Laura Hart - 'Picasso' Collection - Fire & Sky Deep Waters 'Picasso' Collection - Pink Pool (2) Laura Hart The Picasso Bowls (10)

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Functional glass art has been with us for centuries. The beauty and durability of the medium lends perfectly to the creation of art glass that serves a purpose and delights the eye. Laura’s unique collection of Organic Geometry salvers, bowls and dishes create a stunning centrepiece to the dining table or displayed as an art piece in their own right.

The Ocean View wall art panel (Limited Edition) consist of three pairs; Sunset Ocean, Night Ocean and Sunrise Ocean. The entire panel is created from multiple layering of transparent colours and clear glass to create depth of field and the optical illusion of moving sky and water.

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