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butterflies & moths

My fascination with nature’s unparalleled artistry and diversity is equally limitless, inspiring me to create my glass butterfly and moth sculptures. The meticulous detailing is driven by a desire to represent these endangered and rare creatures as vibrant living organisms; beautiful, precious and delicate.

Future works featuring the butterflies in the upcoming, ‘Studies in natural habitat,’ are in development; including collaborations with some of the most talented glass blowers and hot sculptors in the UK.

The ‘Life Study,’ sculptures are unique and will not be repeated. With many species of butterfly and moth teetering on the brink of existence in our ever-decreasing world, I create only one of each species or sub-species, their uniqueness and fragility accentuating the real threat of extinction these glorious creatures face due to human activity.

Each study specimen is painstakingly recreated to emulate its natural counterpart. The wings are created by fusing glass in several stages and the bodies are cast in glass using the lost wax process and pate de verre techniques. The breast plate, legs, antennae and proboscis are fashioned from sterling silver to create anatomical detail. 




Kaiser I Hind Butterfly

Featured in The Financial Times section ‘How to Spend it Well’ 

Craft & Design Magazine 2016 Gold winner in the glass section

H:11cm W:19cm D:17cm

yellow swallowtail

H. 9cm W. 18cm D. 20cm

Wallace’s Golden BIrdwing 

(Ornithoptera Croesus)

H. 8cm W. 24cm L. 22cm

priams birdwing

H. 23cm W. 20cm L. 8cm

sylphina angel 

H. 9cm W. 16cm D. 20cm

spanish moon moth

H. 9cm W. 16cm D. 20cm

scarce swallowtail

H. 8cm W. 20cm D. 18cm

scarce bamboo 

H. 4.5cm W. 18cm D. 12.5cm

piano key

(Heliconius Melpomene)
H.4cm W.18cm L. 12cm

lunar moth

H. 8cm W.22cm D. 24cm

krishna peacock 

(Papilio Krishna)

H. 8cm W.22cm D. 18cm

periander metalmark butterfly

H. 23cm W. 20cm D.8cm

glasswing butterfly

H:12.5cm W:20cm D:17cm

dragon swallowtail 

(Sericinus Montela)

H.8cm W.24cm D.26cm

blue tiger

(Tirumala Limniace)
H.4cm W.24cm D.18cm

meridionalis birdwing

H:8.5cm W:19cm D:17cm

attacus atlas moth 

H. 10cm W. 25cm D. 16cm



H. 10cm W. 27.5cm D. 11cm

eastern tiger swallowtail


H. 7.5cm W. 21cm D. 16cm

scarlet miraposa


H. 12.5cm W. 18.5cm D. 20cm

zebra swallowtail


H. 9cm W. 18cm D. 19cm

queen alexandra birdwing


H. 9.5cm W. 18.5cm D. 17cm

mother of pearl morpho


H. 9cm W. 18cm D. 19cm

lesser purple emperor


H. 4.5cm W. 24cm D. 16cm

large tree nymph


H. 4.5cm W. 24cm D. 16cm

cairns birdwing


H:7.5cm W:19cm D:19cm

blue morpho


H:8.5cm W:15.5cm D:17cm

apollo (parnassius apollo)


H.3cm W.15cm L. 12cm

blue morpho peleides



red peacock


Butterflies £2000 GBP

plus shipping and taxes where applicable

Moths £3000 GBP

plus shipping and taxes where applicable.

Butterflies and moths can be supplied with a glass dome with a mirrored base for an extra £200 GBP

Photography by Ester Segarra

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If you would like more information about any of the artworks or would like to discuss commissioning  a special glasswork piece yourself, please submit your details and I will contact you within a few days.

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